Just like any other person, I have been looking out for websites that have useful information on areas that interest me. I found myself having so many bookmarks and it became almost impossible to identify each site from the other due to their numbers. I hatched a plan and finally it has come to completion. I decided that I will be reviewing each website that I come across and find it to be useful. I reviewed quite a number of sites and kept the information in my notebook and computer files. However this was not enough as I still could not make out which site contained what with the titles. Then I followed my friend’s advice and compiled it into a blog.

What you are seeing now is a compilation of numerous reviews of websites that I have visited personally and found them to have very useful information. It is now easy for me to get back to the site as there is a link that I place to ensure that the original site is very accessible. This was not an easy task as it may sound. At first I did not have any blogging experience and I had to rely so much on the customer assistance. However, I have grown to like the whole experience and I can now blog for the whole night without feeling worn out.

The work has always been overwhelming and I found myself missing out on my family time. I had to think of another option. Ii came up with a plan to have the owners of the websites I visited and found to be useful write me a review of their site and send it to me. I would then post it and include the link to the original site. This made my work easier by 80% as I would get top quality developed reviews only for me to post them on the website. It as well gave me an opportunity to visit more and more websites in a day. Most of the website owners that I have been contacting have been responding positively save for a few who think I am a bother to them and get back to me with harsh words.

Having quality reviews has made my work easy since I can now easily follow the links to the website and get the latest updates that they have in the specific niche. Since this is my special interest blog, I post articles in particular niches. Many people who come visiting this blog find it very useful especially if they have tastes and likes similar to mine. This is the best thing that I ever did, having all these reviews online. Today I get request from other website owners in the specific niches asking to have something posted on the blog as a guest post. I however, wait till I visit the site to ascertain its quality since I don’t want anything that is not useful filling my precious space.